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After working for 47 years as a full-time technical analyst, I "semi-retired" in 2011. (I still publish occasional commentaries for long-time clients and friends.)

Since then, I've written three books: The Essential Basics Of Technical Analysis, The Essential Basics Of Technical Analysis For Financial Advisors, and Deemer On Technical Analysis:


The Essential Basics Of Technical Analysis is just that: It describes the essential basics of technical analysis -- the most basic part of the investment process -- that every investor absolutely needs to know in a concise, well-illustrated and easy-to-understand conversational format. It's the best explanation of the essential basics of technical analysis that every investor needs to know available -- and a must read for everyone involved in the stock market. You can find out more here.

The Essential Basics Of Technical Analysis For Financial Advisors is a version of the previous book written with the specific needs of Financial Advisors in mind. You can learn more about it here.

Finally, Deemer on Technical Analysis shares sage advice and personal anecdotes from my long and illustrious career. This indispensible book is more than half-a-century in the making and is filled with all the thoughtfulness and genius of "a true captain of his discipline". Learn more here.


"A true captain of his discipline"? Yes indeed! In 2015 I was honored to receive the Market Technicians Associations' Annual Award for lifetime achievement.

I really have been everywhere and done everything -- and the books will prove it to you!

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